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Cloud Nyne Design

Cloud Nyne Design creates unique keepsake DVD videos from your personal photos. It incorporates 3D graphics, personally selected music, layouts, framing, resizing, touch-ups and so many more elements to ensure your video is truly unique.

Cloud Nyne Design is also very involved with raising CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia) awareness and has provided many videos for parents of CDH Babies and Angels free of charge.

Cloud Nyne Design was created by me, a new mom from Manitoba, Canada. I was browsing the internet one day while my newborn daughter slept and I discovered the incredible world of blogging. One blog in particular caught my eye. It was the blog of a woman named Lauren Z who was about to give birth to a daughter herself. She was 24 years old.

As I read Lauren's story I was shocked to discover that her daughter was going to be born with a condition known as CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia). I had never heard of this but it intrigued me and I wanted to know more.

Avery Mae Ziebart was born on March 17th, 2006 and needed a lot of help. She fought a remarkable 17 day battle but was taken to Heaven April 3rd, 2006. Reading this, I could not believe these things could happen to new moms and dads at the precise moment in their lives when things should be wonderous and beautiful. A new baby should mean that he/she always gets to go home with their parents. I realized then that I had simply been lucky. It could have very well happened to me.

I decided - actually - I felt the overwhelming need to speak with Lauren and eventually I did. We have become terrific friends and I have talked to many more families affected by CDH. All of them I have grown to love dearly!

Cloud Nyne was a way for me to take my simple talent and create everlasting memories for these families to cherish. They only have so many photos that can never be replaced - so Cloud Nyne put them to music and added special effects and 3D graphics. The response has been amazing.

Cloud Nyne has created videos for many people over the past 5 years - some have even been sent overseas, but the CDH families are so dear to my heart.

I truly hope you will join us on our journey of discovery, life, laughter, love....... and heartache.

Together we are so much stronger than if we stand alone.