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"Kevin....A Mother's Story"

"A recommended journey of the heart! Diane's 'Kevin.....a Mother's Story' is a must read for all parents an even non-parents. The true story is not only a parent's broken-hearted journal of her child's illness and suffering, it is an honest to goodness confrontation with the eternal question 'Why.'

The heart-and-soul journey of a loving mother climaxes in an extraordinary hope that surpasses all understanding. The journey still continues, promising acceptance, peace and grace. 'Kevin....A Mother's Story' is worth reading!

~Thomas V. Chan, educator and author - September 2003


" interesting, touching, heart-wrenching story."

~Pat Oster, educator and Assistant Director, Human Resources, Winnipeg School Division No. 1 - 2000

"I read 'Kevin....A Mother's Story' before I had my daughter. It truly touched me, but when I became a parent myself it was a whole new story. As a mother, I could relate to Diane's constant worry and feelings of helplessness. Our children are our #1 priority and Kevin was no exception. As parents, my husband and I read the book and felt so close to Diane and Randy. It is the story of an incredible family."

~Anonymous Reader