Village Artists


Katalin Erzsebet Pearson

Katalin Erzsebet Pearson lives in Steep Rock, Manitoba.  Since she was a war baby from Budapest, her art started with the terrors of the war. The Holocaust - the Hungarian Revolution - and both left a deep scar on her soul.

She did have beauty on her journey to old age. She did ballet, modern dance, stage acting and singing until she was too old to continue. The reoccurring nightmares of the wars forced her to expel the darkness of her past.  She found solace in her drawings of the pain that filled her soul.

It was a very long and lonely trip, but finally a ray of light shone on her and joy filled her soul through her watercolors, drawings, printmaking, monotype and all other art form that she could find.

Katalin has had many group and solo shows all over Winnipeg, as well as southern and western Manitoba. 

She was a member of the Winnipeg Sketch Club for years.

Since Katalin has found colors the darkness of the past slowly disappeared and she can enjoy the beauty of Canada and feel safe.