Village Artists


A lovely old house in Saskatchewan.

A beautiful rock formation found in Steep Rock, Manitoba on the shores of Lake Manitoba. Painted in oil.

A Lake Manitoba scene in acrylic done for a friend.

This is a scene that Joyce saw while travelling along Lake Michigan. it is done in acrylic on a 14 X 18 canvas.

"We See You!!"

Wolves watching a rabbit. Oil on canvas. 16" X 20"

A baby racoon up a tree. Done in acrylic on a 9 X 12 canvas.

When visiting Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia, Joyce photographed this lighthouse and painted it. The ship in the background is the Bluenose II.

A Fisherman enjoying a peaceful sunset on Lake Manitoba (Oil).

"Old Relics"

11 X 14 done on watercolor paper using oil wash. 


This oil painting hangs in the Eyjolfson living room. Joyce's husband, being a rancher, thought it was peaceful so she gave it to him for his birthday.

A Buffalo Mother and her calf painted in acrylic on rock.

An soaring eagle painted on rock. Joyce was able to use formations in the rock for painting in the mountains. Painted in acrylic.

A waterfall in a lovely setting. Painted in acrylic on rock.

A horse in a winter corral. Painted in acrylic on rock.

This was a small engine used by the Canada Cement Company to shuttle cars on tracks around the quarry in the early 1900's. It has a special place in Joyce's town as a reminder of the past. Painted in acrylic on rock.